Maestro Imperfect Hulk
Maestro Imperfect Hulk

Legendary Hulk comic book writer Peter David has revealed that he’d love to see his “Future Imperfect” arc adapted for the MCU

During an appearance at Dragon Con 2019, David explained his excitement at seeing the version of the character that he’d co-created to Comics: The Gathering and his desire for an adaptation of Future Imperfect, saying, “Now, I’m hoping that they wind up doing Future Imperfect, which I think would be freaking awesome. I think Future Imperfect would make a fantastic Hulk movie.”

However, he knows there would have to be some changes to the source material. “I mean, I would even have the trophy room, except, you know, they don’t have Rick Jones in movie continuity,” he said. “So I know exactly who I would have oversee the trophy room. I’d have the Black Widow. An incredibly aged Black Widow. And Bruce would walk in to see and go, ‘Natasha, but… you’re dead. You died in this world.’ And she’d go, ‘No, Clint died.’ And then he would realize he’s in an alternate future. Because you know, in that version, Clint died and the Black Widow survives. So that’s how I would do that. I would have an incredibly aged Natasha there. I think that would be freaking awesome.”

The “Future Imperfect” arc saw Professor Hulk transported into an alternate future, and he was horrified to learn that his future self had gone insane as a result of radiation poisoning. Calling himself the Maestro, the future Bruce Banner had successfully conquered the entire planet. He kept a trophy room, filled with mementos that honored his fallen foes – from Captain America’s shield to Apocalypse’s arm, from Cyclops’ visor to Iron Man’s helmet. It was curated by the Maestro’s slave, an elderly Rick Jones. Naturally, it didn’t take long for Professor Hulk and the Maestro to come to blows. It would certainly be thrilling to see this idea adapted for the big screen.

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