Indiana Jones and Pinhead
Indiana Jones and Pinhead

A new fan-made trailer has Indiana Jones take on the horror icon Pinhead. Both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Hellraiser came out in the ’80s, with Raiders of the Lost Ark introducing the famous archeologist, played by Harrison Ford, and Hellraiser introducing the demented cenobite, played by Doug Bradley. Both franchises are popular in the adventure and horror genre, so one fan has combined the two.

A new trailer from YouTuber Deformed Lunchbox introduces fans to the next installment of the Indiana Jones franchise: Indiana Jones and the Curse of Hellraiser. The trailer combines scenes from the four Indiana Jones movies, as well as the Hellraiser films, to tease what it could look like if Indy was tasked with finding the puzzle box and going up against Pinhead. The trailer can be seen below:

While the trailer above is of course not for a real movie, fans are getting Indiana Jones 5 next year. The Indiana Jones sequel has gone through a lot of delays throughout its development, which recently hit another snag now that Steven Spielberg is not directing Indiana Jones 5. Despite the problems, the film has had throughout development, Indiana Jones 5 is supposed to start filming in about two months.

While it took Lucasfilm nearly 20 years to make Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and now another 13 years to make Indiana Jones 5, fans have seen a lot more of Pinhead than the famous adventurer. After Clive Barker’s 1987 original, nine Hellraiser sequels came out, the last of which being 2018’s Hellraiser: Judgement. Hellraiser is being rebooted by David S. Goyer, but not much is known about the film. At this point however, many horror fans have gotten sick of the series and would much rather see a fun crossover with Indiana Jones.


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