Jared Leto Joker Suicide Squad
Jared Leto Joker Suicide Squad

Director David Ayer shares a new image of Jared Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad.

Ayer recently unveiled additional behind-the-scenes images from Suicide Squad, such as an early make-up test for Leto’s Joker, but his latest social media post is considerably more candid. Specifically, the director posted an image of a scorched Joker pointing a gun a Harley Quinn. Below the photo, the director refers to Suicide Squad as Harley Quinn’s story, while also calling to attention the changes made to his film during the editing process. Take a look at the image and read Ayer’s comments below:

“Movies are fragile,” Ayer writes with the picture. “They are like dreams, haunting moments that run for your vision. They have their own logic and truth. If you change the destination after the trip is complete is it still the same journey? The spine of Suicide Squad was Harley’s journey.”

Ayer went on to explain the fact Suicide Squad was essentially a Harley Quinn movie, following her as she escaped for Joker. “A direct holds an invisible compass in their hands. It guides every shot, every performance. That compass points to the destination. If the destination [sic] changes did the journey even happen?” the filmmaker asks.

The newly released image of Joker from Suicide Squad and Ayer’s comments accompanying the post could point to the director taking a similar approach to Zack Snyder in communicating the differences between his version of Suicide Squad and what was ultimately released in theaters. While Ayer has made clear that he remains grateful for the opportunity to direct the DC film, it is also evident that the changes implemented on Suicide Squad took the story for both Harley and Joker in a direction different from what Ayer had envisioned.