Jared Leto's Joker In Justice League
Jared Leto's Joker In Justice League

New Justice League fan art makes Jared Leto’s Joker look like he came straight from The Dark Knight. As Batman’s most iconic adversary, numerous actors have tried their hand at playing the Clown Prince of Crime, with the most recent being Joaquin Phoenix in last year’s Joker. Before that, the DC Extended Universe introduced its own Joker in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, played by Jared Leto. Like much of the film itself, Leto’s take on the Joker wasn’t exceptionally well-received by fans, with many being quick to call him their least favorite of the cinematic Jokers. Because of that, it appeared as though Warner Bros. was moving away from Leto’s iteration in recent years.

However, last week brought surprising news that revealed the opposite: Leto’s Joker is coming back. The actor has officially joined the ongoing reshoots for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, making him a brand new addition to the long-awaited film. As the theatrical Justice League didn’t include the Joker and director Zack Snyder never seemed to indicate his story would’ve featured the villain, fans have been left to wonder exactly how he factors into the film. No details have been released just yet, but fans are still reeling from the news.

Graphic artist Bosslogic has responded to the Joker’s presence in Justice League with a piece envisioning a slightly different look for the character. With the knife carving up his cheek, this Joker feels reminiscent of Heath Ledger’s from The Dark Knight. Already, he appears more menacing than he did in Suicide Squad. Check out the piece down below.

It remains to be seen if Justice League‘s Joker will retain his same personality and style from Suicide Squad, but it might be safe to say some fans would prefer it if he was a bit different. It seems likely that the Joker will come across Batman (Ben Affleck) and could provide him with a bit more development than he had the first time around. Suicide Squad barely had the two interact despite them being arch-enemies, so Justice League can rectify that mistake.

Leto’s DCEU future seems a bit brighter now that he’s joined Justice League, though it’s unclear if he will return for future projects. There was once a time when there were several different vehicles in development for him, but they seemed to fall to the wayside in recent years. Now, perhaps, they’ve been revived. Justice League gives Leto the opportunity to redeem his controversial Joker, and only time will tell if he is successful.

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