Deathstroke_Justice_League Joe Manganiell

Joe Manganiello defends Dungeons & Dragons, dunking on AEW wrestler Maxwell Jacob Friedman in the process.

Friedman, aka MJF, bashed the game in a Twitter rant, saying of the D&D community, “Nope. I’m not a character. This isn’t an angle. Your whole community and the game you love is trash. Deal with it.”

Manginello took exception to MJF’s tweet and retaliated with an epic response. With a photo of his bare-chested profile on the cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine, he replied, “I do…”

In fact, Manganiello launched a Dungeons & Dragons club at a Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh in January 2019. He and his brother Nick visited the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh with a large selection of copies of the game for the young patients at the hospital. 

It could be the start of a storyline between the two. Manganiello has made no secret of his wrestling fandom. The actor, known for his appearances in the Magic Mike series, has cameoed on Monday Night Raw. He has also been spotted with his wife, actress Sofia Vergara, at an independent wrestling event in the past. It would be continuing a tradition of celebrities mixing it up in the squared circled. Hugh Jackman, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Amell have all recently been guests on wrestling shows.

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