Joker Box Office Records

Warner Bros’ Joker has become the most profitable comic book movie ever.

Joker has achieved around $953 million worldwide (via Forbes), making it the most profitable comic book movie of all time. Joker was reportedly made with a budget of $62.5 million, making its profits astounding. To compare, Venom was made on a budget of reportedly $90 million, and would go on to make an impressive $854 million worldwide. Deadpool was made on a smaller budget of reportedly $58 million, and would go on to make $783 million worldwide. Tim Burton’s Batman was reportedly made for $35 million, and would go on to make $411 million.

Joker is far short of becoming the top-grossing comic book movie of all time, as Avengers: Endgame became the top-grossing movie of all time earlier this year with nearly $2.8 billion worldwide. Despite both being comic book movies, they both exist in entirely different leagues, as Joker is rated R and isn’t a team-up film that paid off nearly a decade of storytelling.

Joker movie controversy

Despite Endgame earning more money than Joker, it’s hard to deny the cultural impact that the DC Comics film has had on superhero cinema. Regardless of the quality of the film, its release was surrounded by controversy, due to its depictions of violence, with some theaters even apprehensive that the unsettling subject matter could inspire real-world acts of violence.

Joker was envisioned as a standalone feature, but it would certainly be interesting if a follow-up is made. Phoenix even said he’s open to returning for the Joker role. With the film on its way to hitting $1 billion, Warner Bros. would surely love to release a sequel. Even if this is it for Phoenix’s take on the character, what Joker’s success could mean for future comic book films is an exciting thought. If the film leads to more standalone movies with unique takes on iconic characters, fans will be thrilled. In the meantime, headlines on Joker‘s success will likely continue for a little while longer.

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