Joker Catwoman
Joker Catwoman

Director Todd Phillips shares a string of behind-the-scenes images on the set of Joker, including one that might reference Catwoman.

Now that Joker has been out in theaters for a month already, Phillips shares several BTS images while working on the movie. The selection offers fans a look at the process behind the movie. In the caption, the filmmaker expressed his gratitude towards everyone who supported the movie and promised that there will be more snaps like these to come. Check them out below:

One of the photos shows off a pretty fun Easter Egg focusing on Catwoman. Arthur’s notebook has a ton of sketches in it with the word step repeatedly on the pages. In the center of the page, there are images of scantily clad ladies. Now, just not any women, these ladies are surrounded by cats. One actually is part cat with an instantly recognizable weapon on a string. It’s not a detail that most would agonize over, but for this movie, every moment that the film leans towards the source material is a major point of interest of fans of Joker.

One image, however, in the pile stands out as it encapsulates Phoenix’s process getting into his role in Joker. In the snap, make-up artists retouches the character’s iconic overdrawn lips while the actor sat there, deadpan – perhaps as to not break character even during downtime. Over the years, fans have heard how serious actors took on playing the role. Maybe it has something to do with Heath Ledger’s brilliant performance in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight which won him a posthumous Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, automatically setting the bar high for his successors. However, between stories about how Jared Leto and Phoenix prepared to play the iconic DC villain, there’s an undeniable pressure to play the character well.

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