Joker Rotten Tomatoes score
Joker Rotten Tomatoes score

Joker is officially certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, but that could change as more reviews come in.

The movie review-aggregation website took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the news, noting that at the time of the announcement, Joker was sitting at 79% on the Tomatometer with 161 reviews logged for the film. You can check out the official tweet below.

That score places Joker well ahead of the last movie to depict the villainous character, 2016’s Suicide Squad, which featured Leto in a widely derided depiction. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight remains the most acclaimed movie to feature the Joker, as it currently holds down a 94% rating, while Tim Burton’s Batman featuring Nicholson as Joker sits at a rather low 72%.

While most of the reviews of Joker tend to agree that Phoenix’s performance is top-notch, the reviews that are negative are scathingly so, with those negative reviews focusing on the film’s grim tone and lack of depth.

“In a year of mass culture that gave us HBO’s excellent Chernobyl, Joker can claim the grimmest depiction of a meltdown,” Chicago Tribune’s Michael Phillips wrote.

No matter what people think of the film overall, it seems to be the consensus that Phoenix has done a great job as Joker, though it remains to be seen how his depiction will ultimately rank compared to those of his predecessors. Undoubtedly, Joker has generated a ton of buzz, and Warner Bros. has to be thrilled about that regardless of what critics think about the movie.

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