Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr.

With the noble death of Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame, Robert Downey Jr. had finished his part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and reached the end of his contract with Marvel Studios. It’s been a long journey and audiences were sad to see him go.

Filmmaker Jon Favreau thinks it’s time the performer gets behind the camera to serve as a director. The pair first collaborated to deliver audiences the inaugural film in the MCU, Iron Man in 2008, going on to collaborate multiple more times both in that franchise and in other endeavors. Favreau went on to detail that the amount of creativity within Downey might be manifested in a number of ways and, as a friend, would encourage the actor to share his art with as many fans as possible.

“I don’t know what he’s thinking, but he better direct,” Favreau shared with The Hollywood Reporter when asked about what was next for Downey. “Otherwise, I’m not going to be his friend anymore. He’s the star of the biggest movie of all time. He did it. So now, you better do stuff you love. Because if you can’t do what you love, how are you going to inspire everybody else out there who’s climbing that ladder? He has a lot of passion. He’s an artist: He understands visual art, he understands music.”

He continued, “I think he would be a hell of a director. I hope I get to have a part if he ever decides to direct because I want to show him what it felt like when I was directing him. I want to give him the other side of that equation.”

Robert Downey Jr. has received critical-acclaim for his performance as Tony Stark over the last decade, but the actor has reportedly expressed a desire to distance himself from the role of Iron Man following the completion of the “Infinity Saga.” In recent months, he has seemingly focused on other projects such as the Footprint Coalition, which makes use of technology and robotics in order to help clean up the planet.

Since taking on the role as Iron Man in 2008, RDJ has appeared in numerous box office hits. With a resume of films collectively earning more than $14 billion worldwide, Robert Downey Jr. has become the highest grossing actor in the world. While Downey has served as a producer on a number of projects, he has yet to officially step behind the camera as the director of a feature film.

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