Jordan Peele has become one of the top new faces of horror thanks to his critically acclaimed Get Out and this year’s much-anticipated Us. He also has an upcoming reboot of The Twilight Zone coming to CBS All-Access. Peele chatted with WSJ Magazine about some of his favorite aspects of the horror genre, which you can see above.

When it comes to his favorite horror movie villain, Peele admitted, “I’m gonna say Michael Myers [from Halloween]. He’s not even evil, he’s just curious. You know you can’t talk him out of whatever he wants to do and he’d always do that thing where he’d stab somebody and he’s sort of turn his head like that, which is the international symbol for ‘fascinating.’

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It looks like the star of the Halloween franchise, Michael Myers , caught Jordan Peele’s eyes as the creepiest horror antagonist of them all, per a WSJ Magazine interview. It’s for a good reason too – his motivations behind that his wrongdoings seem to simply stem from curiosity above anything else. Cue the chills!

Jordan Peele brings up a good point here. While many villains have evil intentions because of their nature (maybe they’re a demon or a wicked doll) or are inspired by power or revenge, the Halloween villain is purely kills out of fascination and enjoyment of the chase. When a killer such as Michael Myers is getting pleasure out of murder, ­there is no changing their mind. It’s truly horrifying!

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Written, directed and produced by Jordan Peele, Us stars Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Anna Diop, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Kara Hayward, Tim Heidecker and Shahadi Wright Joseph. It is scheduled to be released on March 22 in theaters everywhere.

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