Home Movie News ‘Justice League’: Unseen Cyborg Football Scene Released

‘Justice League’: Unseen Cyborg Football Scene Released

Justice League Cyborg
Justice League Cyborg

Ray Fisher shares a behind-the-scenes video of Victor Stone’s football scene that was cut in Justice League.

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Cyborg made his official introduction in Warner Bros. first superhero team-up film from 2017. But the project had a convoluted production with rumored script rewrites, last minute director changes and extensive reshoots. This left a lot of the scenes filmed during principal photography on the editing room floor. And out of everyone’s stories, Stone’s was the most affected.

Thanks to a Justice League behind-the-scenes video that Fisher shared on his official Twitter account, fans can get a glimpse of a pivotal moment in Stone’s arc.

No word yet on when fans will see Fisher reprise the role as Cyborg. There’s an extensive list of DC films in the pipeline that will run until 2022. But there’s no mention of his involvement in any of them.

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Source: RayFisher, ScreenRant

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