Constantine 2 Fan Art
Constantine 2 Fan Art

Keanu Reeves‘ iconic portrayal of Hellblazer graces an electrifying fan poster for Constantine 2, offering a thrilling glimpse into what might lie ahead. Reeves initially stepped into the shoes of the enigmatic demonologist in the 2005 film “Constantine,” leaving fans eagerly awaiting a sequel for over a decade. Although DC has delved into the expansive world of James Gunn’s new DC Universe, they haven’t forgotten the potential of standalone films. It appears that Reeves’ longstanding desire to revisit the character of John Constantine is finally coming to fruition in a fresh narrative with Constantine 2.

On Instagram, the talented artist @spdrmnkyxxiii breathed life into an older rendition of Keanu Reeves’ John Constantine in a gritty and captivating fan poster for Constantine 2.

This portrayal echoes the way Reeves looks today, as seen in his recent roles, such as the John Wick series, rather than the original Constantine appearance. If the upcoming DC movie makes its way to the big screen, an older John Constantine promises a multitude of intriguing possibilities for the film to explore.

Is the Movie Actually Happening? 

In September 2022, the exciting news broke that Keanu Reeves would reprise his role as DC’s Hellblazer in Constantine 2. While there haven’t been many updates on the movie’s storyline, it’s worth noting that Constantine 2 won’t be integrated into the upcoming shared DC Universe, which is being meticulously crafted by James Gunn and Peter Safran. This decision has elevated the expectations and ambitions for Constantine 2.

Reeves’ return as John Constantine will be featured under DC’s new Elseworlds umbrella, an initiative introduced by James Gunn during the unveiling of the first DC Universe projects. According to the co-CEO of DC Studios, movies falling under the Elseworlds brand won’t be part of the DCU canon. Gunn also emphasized that these standalone films, including Constantine 2, “The Batman – Part II,” and “Joker: Folie à Deux,” will adhere to a higher quality standard in order to gain approval, setting them apart from the DCU offerings.

Since the initial announcement of Constantine 2, there have been a few notable updates regarding its development. In March, Keanu Reeves shared an encouraging update about the project, revealing that he had a productive meeting with James Gunn regarding the Elseworlds movie. Later, in July, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman disclosed that he, Reeves, and director Francis Lawrence, who helmed the original “Constantine,” had already mapped out the sequel’s story, although the actual script had yet to be written due to the Writers Guild of America strike. Based on these updates, Constantine 2 seems to be firmly on track for its much-anticipated return to the silver screen.