Kevin Smith continues to offer behind-the-scenes looks at Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. The director has started a new web series titled Road to Reboot and today marks the first Chapter.

Titled “Road to Reboot,” Smith hosts the behind-the-scenes look along with co-star Jason Mewes, providing a first look at several of the movie’s filming locations including a courtroom, a shopping mall and an airport.

Smith leads the department heads of the production around the New Orleans shooting locations on a tech scout to determine, from a logistical behind-the-scenes standpoint what each filming sequence will require.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot has been in the works for years, but Kevin Smith has really put a focus on the project over the past few years. The director is always good with sharing his thoughts on social media, but he has a new lease on life since his heart attack and is going through and giving long-time fans a cool and unique look at his creative process. It’s almost like the bonus material from a DVD as the production is happening and it’s a really cool gift for fans who have been waiting for this sequel.

Written, directed by and starring Kevin Smith Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is expected out later this year, and also stars Jason Mewes, Jason Lee, Donnell Rawlings, and more.