Black Widow Red Guardian
Black Widow David Harbour as Red Guardian

A Black Widow D23 concept art poster reveals the titular character’s bold new costume along with what Taskmaster and Red Guardian’s ensemble looks like.

Marvel Studios visual development artist Andy Park shared the poster to his Twitter account, and the Russian Super Soldier can be seen towards the right of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). Instead of going with an all-red suit, the suit is cut with black and grey colors. Like his American counterpart in Steve Rogers, Red guardians also has a large star insignia on his chest.

Natasha’s costume in Park’s concept art poster takes several cues from her comic book origins, and it isn’t the only one that she’ll be sporting throughout the film. The costume featured in this poster was actually the second to be shown off during Disney’s D23 Expo. At the Marvel Studios Booth, a white costume for Black Widow was on display on a mannequin. Though similar to Natasha’s basic jumpsuit that she’s worn throughout her appearances in the MCU, it also featured black accessories that included a belt, leg holsters, and wrist gauntlets.

Harbour revealed the timeline of the film, which will take place between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, saying “it’s great because you get to go back a little bit in time with [Black Widow].”

Considering Park’s striking silver, black, and gold ensemble in the D23 poster, it could also just mean that Natasha’s usual outfit from her appearances in the MCU could be getting an upgrade for her solo film. One thing’s for certain, there’s no denying that these costumes will be a fun switch for Natasha in Black Widow.

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