Moon Knight and Blade
Moon Knight and Blade

A new rumor says the upcoming Moon Knight Disney Plus series will tie into the Blade movie.

Daniel Richtman posted a brief but tantalizing rumor to his Patreon, claiming Moon Knight will connect to Blade. Richtman has a reliable track record for scoops, so this could be the first inkling of Marvel tying together more of their supernatural properties. After years of rumors regarding both Blade and Moon Knight joining the MCU, this year saw the announcement of projects for both.

Marvel Studios Blade Logo
Marvel Studios Blade Logo

Mahershala Ali is set to play Blade while Disney Plus’ Moon Knight is assembling their writer’s room. Moon Knight and Blade don’t have release dates at the moment, so these projects will likely come in Phase 5. It makes sense that Moon Knight and Blade will tie in given that they are both darker heroes of the Marvel Universe.

For now, little is known about either Blade or Moon Knight. The last anyone heard, Moon Knight was casting for its lead, so hopefully, more concrete details about the show will follow once an actor officially comes aboard.

Disney+’s Moon Knight series has yet to receive a release date.

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