Flash Movie Fan Art
Flash Movie Fan Art

Michael Fassbender is Reverse-Flash in new The Flash movie fan art. The Flash movie is one of the DC Extended Universe’s most exciting upcoming projects. It’s been in development for some time but will finally release in 2022. Considering Ezra Miller made his debut as Barry Allen/The Flash in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the wait has been substantial. Luckily, there have been several reveals about the film recently. Last month, director Andy Muschietti confirmed the movie will keep at least one major element of the Flashpoint storyline, as Barry will time travel in an attempt to save his mother. Previously, Muschietti said his film is a “different version of Flashpoint than you’re expecting.

However, arguably the most exciting part of The Flash movie is Michael Keaton’s return as Batman. He’ll play the same version of the character he played in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). It seems likely he’ll be a big part of the Flashpoint storyline, as the alternate timeline Barry creates leads to a different Batman. Originally, many hoped Jeffrey Dean Morgan, whose Thomas Wayne is the Batman of the Flashpoint comics story, would play a role, but that didn’t come to fruition. However, the return of Keaton after so many years will be a big draw for moviegoers, so it makes sense DC went in a different direction.

Another key player in the Flashpoint story is Reverse-Flash, Barry’s nemesis. In the comics, Barry’s mother is murdered by Reverse-Flash, a plot point shown in the Arrowverse’s The Flash. However, the DCEU’s Reverse-Flash hasn’t yet been cast. In new fan art, artist spdrmnkyxxiii imagines Michael Fassbender in the role, resulting in an impressively creepy villain. Check it out below:

Since there have been no rumors about who will play Reverse-Flash, Fassbender is as good a theory as any. He certainly embodies the character well in this art, especially with his sinister grin. As The Flash movie approaches, hopefully more information will be revealed later this month at the DC FanDome event. Miller and Muschietti are both confirmed to appear, which could bode well for the release of new details about the film.

It will be interesting to see the role characters from The Flash play going forward. Miller could easily star in another solo movie if the first is well-received. Meanwhile, there’s a possibility of Keaton reprising his part again for the Batgirl movie, as well as in other upcoming DCEU films. This would put him in a mentor role similar to Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, much of that will depend on the success of The Flash and its adaptation of the Flashpoint storyline.

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