The Flash Movie Concept Art
The Flash Movie Concept Art

At DC FanDome, The Flash movie first look is revealed in concept art featuring the Fastest Man Alive’s new suit and a Batman team-up. Ezra Miller was cast as Barry Allen aka The Flash back in late 2014, and was announced to star in a solo movie that was then set for a 2018 release. But while Miller made his DC Extended Universe debut in 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and reprised the role in Justice League as well as a cameo in Suicide Squad, The Flash solo movie has been delayed. The film has seen a number of setbacks, with various filmmakers joining the project only to later exit, including Seth Grahame-Smith, Rick Famuyiwa and the duo of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein.

However, The Flash has since tapped director Andy Muschietti (IT, IT Chapter Two) to helm the project and has moved forward. The solo DC film is currently slated for a 2022 release. As part of the DCEU upcoming slate, The Flash was announced to have a panel at DC FanDome, a comic-con-like virtual event. It was previously confirmed that The Flash first look would be revealed at DC FanDome and now Muschietti has used the movie’s panel to offer up exactly that.

During The Flash movie’s DC FanDome panel Muschietti revealed first look concept art, which can be seen below. The art features Barry Allen’s new superhero suit, which Muschietti confirmed during the panel will be developed by the DCEU’s Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) – that makes sense considering Barry and Bruce’s relationship as established in Justice League. The second piece of concept art features The Flash teaming up with Michael Keaton’s Batman.

As has been teased previously and was confirmed during the movie’s DC FanDome panel, The Flash will unite a number of DC movie universes, including that of Keaton, which was depicted in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns in the late 80s/early 90s. The story of the film adapts the Flashpoint event in the DC Comics, which sees Barry Allen travel back in time to save his mother, creating a new version of the timeline. In the case of The Flash, though, it will feature a few different established DC movie universes, such as Keaton’s. In addition to Keaton’s Batman, it was only recently revealed that the DCEU’s own Batman actor Affleck will return for The Flash film, and he’ll play a significant part in Barry’s emotional story in the film. As such, hopefully the multiple Batman characters in The Flash movie will be more than glorified cameos.

Between the confirmed Batman actors, and The Flash’s new costume, there’s plenty to be excited about for the upcoming film. The new Flash suit appears to be more streamlined than the costume Miller wore in Justice League. In fact, it looks closer to The Flash TV show costume, so perhaps the inspiration within continuity will come from Miller’s Flash meeting Grant Gustin’s version in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Of course, the actual redesign is likely inspired by the DC Comics, which is what the TV show’s is based on. More details about The Flash’s new costume in the solo movie and how Keaton and Affleck’s Batman fit into the film are sure to be revealed in the coming years as production ramps up. But with The Flash not set to hit theaters until 2022, it will be some time before any footage is unveiled.

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