Venom and Morbius
Venom and Morbius

Set photos for Morbius reveal an amusing Venom connection – and hint at Sony’s plans for Eddie Brock. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man may be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Sony retains the film rights to the wall-crawler and all his supporting characters. The studio is building their own shared universe of Spider-Man spinoffs, with Tom Holland able to jump between the two comic-book-based film franchises.

Venom may not have received positive reviews from critics, but it was a hit in the global box office, grossing over $850 million worldwide. The next spinoff, Morbius, was originally due to be released in July 2020; however, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced Sony to push Morbius back seven months to early 2021 instead. At this time, Venom 2 is still expected to come out in October, although it feels inevitable that it will be rescheduled as well.

Morbius had been shooting in Manchester in the United Kingdom, and on Twitter, one Mancunian resident has published a tweet suggesting a connection between Jared Leto’s vampiric antihero and Venom. Venom graffiti has been added to a building site, demonstrating an amusing level of attention to detail.

Morbius may be shooting in Manchester, but the U.K. city is supposed to be doubling as New York City. That makes it quite interesting to see Venom graffiti, given the tongue-slavering symbiote was living in San Francisco in Venom. It’s possible journalist Eddie Brock has returned to New York, and his alter-ego has become something of an urban legend. Alternatively, it could be he’s still in San Francisco, but Venom has simply become a lot more famous. Either possibility would serve as a subtle setup for an important change in Venom’s status quo ahead of Venom 2, given Morbius was originally supposed to come out before the sequel.

Sony has clearly put a lot of thought into the detail of their set designs. The first Morbius trailer featured a surprising poster of Spider-Man in the background, with the word “murderer” scrawled on it. This appears to be a reference to Mysterio’s death in Spider-Man: Far From Home, confirming the spinoffs should be considered part of the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will be fascinating to see if any other Easter eggs are spotted on the sets – and, further, if any of these Easter eggs turn into plot points. If both Morbius and Eddie Brock are in New York, they may cross paths sooner rather than later.

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