Mysterio offers Peter Parker some advice in a new Chinese TV spot for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Whether for good or bad reasons, Mysterio is clearly trying to be an ally to Spider-Man. In the new trailer, Mysterio tells a struggling Peter Parker, “It’s a hard path, the life of a hero. People depend on you. Even if you win a battle, sometimes they die.”

Mysterio isn’t the only person trying to guide young Spider-Man on the next step of his superhero journey. Nick Fury gets around Peter’s attempts to ghost him by showing up in his hotel room while he’s on a school field trip around Europe, and Tony Stark’s old right-hand man Happy Hogan is also around to help out… if somewhat begrudgingly. The TV spot ends with an amusing clip of Happy insisting that he works with Spider-Man not for Spider-Man, and it seems as though one of Tony’s parting requests was for Happy to keep an eye on his young protégé.

Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters July 2.

Source: CBR

Spider-Man Visits Europe In New Far From Home Posters


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