Nightmare On Elm Street Fan Art
Nightmare On Elm Street Fan Art

A fan-made poster for a future Nightmare on Elm Street movie brings Robert Englund back as Freddy Krueger. Freddy has become a horror icon thanks to Englund’s portrayal of the character. Englund first put on the fedora and bladed glove back in 1984, when Wes Craven released A Nightmare on Elm Street. It quickly became apparent to New Line Cinema that Englund was a crucial part of the franchise, which resulted in the actor coming back for six sequels and a crossover with Jason Voorhees in 2003.

It’s been a decade since horror fans last saw Freddy Krueger on the big screen, but Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood wants to take a crack at the franchise. Wood is the co-founder of the studio SpectreVision, which has distributed movies such as Nicholas Cage’s Mandy and the 2019 psychological horror film Daniel Isn’t Real. Wood’s plan for a Nightmare on Elm Street film would move the franchise past Freddy Krueger in a different direction, an idea he has even pitched to Wes Craven’s Estate. While Freddy wouldn’t be the focus of Wood’s film, he would still bring Englund back to play Freddy in some capacity. Now, a fan imagines what the 73-year-old actor could look back in the dirty red and green sweater.

A new fan poster from Creepy Duck Design imagines what Englund could look like in a Nightmare on Elm Street origin story called Krueger. This poster shows Freddy, before he is disfigured, breathing in the souls of his victims. The artist’s original tweet can be seen below:

As mentioned above, it’s been ten years since fans got a new Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Samuel Bayer’s 2010 reboot did horribly with fans and critics alike, and the absence of Englund is likely to blame. Englund has become synonymous with the role of Freddy, and many fans just aren’t interested in a movie that he isn’t in. Englund has said in the past he might have it in him to star as Freddy for one more movie, but with the actor being in his 70s, filmmakers need to act on this opportunity sooner rather than later.

Wes Craven’s Estate is looking for new Nightmare on Elm Street movie and TV ideas, but making an origin story as the poster above shows wouldn’t be the best route to take. Englund has said in the past that he thinks he’s too old to play Freddy, so having him star in a prequel just wouldn’t make sense. Fans have already seen his origin story before, with it playing a huge part in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, and the first episode of Freddy’s Nightmares covering the trial of Krueger. That being said, this fan poster will likely make fans excited for the future of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise regardless, especially since it depicts Englund returning to the series.

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