Noah Hawley has met with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige about his Doctor Doom movie.

When asked about the project at South by Southwest, Hawley told The Hollywood Reporter that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige approached him about it. Feige asked Hawley if he was still working on it, to which he replied, “Should I still be working on it?” However, he didn’t reveal Feige’s response to that question.

With Fox owning the live-action rights of the Fantastic Four characters — which includes Victor von Doom — there’s some confusion on whether or not Marvel Studios will continue with Hawley’s project now that they’ll own the rights once the Disney/Fox deal closes.

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Hawley first announced the project at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017 prior to any talk of Disney going after 21st Century Fox in an acquisition. The acclaimed writer previously stated that his Doctor Doom film would be a “mixture of genres” that was inspired by Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Now, he specifically mentioned a geopolitical thriller is what he has in mind for the film, which would follow an already powerful Doom who has put a dome over Latveria, the fictional country he rules. After closing his country off from the rest of the world, he invites a female journalist to come to Latveria and be his voice to the world. These details come after Hawley also confirmed that his script was almost done, so this is surely the pitch Feige heard if they discussed any details during this meeting.

This would be the third on-screen adaptation of the character, following Julian McMahon’s version of the Latervian dictator in the 2000s and the subsequent rebooted hacker version that Josh Trank brought to life via Toby Kebbel in 2015.

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Source: ScreenRant

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