Spider-Man D23
Spider-Man D23

Marvel Studios’ D23 banner includes Spider-Man despite reports Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige will no longer be involved in Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man movies – leading many to believe Spidey will exit the MCU due to Sony and Marvel’s parent company Disney parting ways. The photo below was taken as the Expo prepared to open up its floor for the first time on Thursday evening.

D23 Marvel Banner

The banner is posted up at the front of the Anaheim Convention Center, seeing Captain Marvel at its center with Spider-Man and Iron Man behind her on the banner. However, Spider-Man’s inclusion is a bit surprising following the news of Disney no longer having creative control over the Marvel character. Of course, the massive banner was likely printed far in advance of any news coming out that Sony and Disney had split.

It makes sense that Marvel Studios would include Spider-Man when promoting the biggest MCU heroes; the ones chosen for the banners are clearly the most recognizable characters, not necessarily those that have movies coming in Phase 4. After all, Iron Man is dead; Captain Marvel and Black Panther are both getting sequels, but they won’t arrive until Phase 5. As for Spider-Man, there are two ways to read his inclusion on the banners: Disney was sure they’d strike a new deal with Sony in time for D23, or Disney didn’t expect the negotiations to be made public before D23.

The D23 Expo will take place over the weekend.

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