Ready Plater Two Ghostbusters Delorean
Ready Plater Two Ghostbusters Delorean

A new Ready Player Two fan-made poster imagines an awesome Ghostbusters DeLorean. Published in 2011, Ernest Cline’s original Ready Player One novel imagined a dystopian future where gamers compete in a massive worldwide virtual reality game hoping to find the hidden Easter egg that will unlock the treasure promised by the game’s deceased creator.

After receiving critical acclaim and multiple book awards, Ready Player One was indeed ready for the big screen treatment, with legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg taking on the task of directing. Released in 2018, the resulting film featured a dizzying array of references as it seemingly appropriated all the pop culture of the last century in helping tell its sci-fi story of people escaping their dismal reality in a world of endless games. The film ended up grossing $582 million worldwide on a reported budget of $155-175 million, sparking the possibility of a sequel. Indeed, the original book’s author Cline wasted no time in announcing he was in fact working on a follow-up to his novel, and Ready Player One actress Olivia Cooke also recently revealed that she’s signed on for sequels.

If the Ready Player One sequel does ever happen, fan artist Phase Runner has already whipped up a poster for the film that plays with the original movie’s mash-up approach by combining two of the iconic vehicles featured in the film: Back to the Future’s time traveling DeLorean and Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1. See the art in the space below:

The poster is pretty simple and straight-forward, with its perfect DeLorean-style Ecto-1 and tagline “Back to the Oasis” (of course that’s a reference to the movie’s virtual reality world). A flying DeLorean-style Ecto-1 would indeed be a fun thing to see in any Ready Player One sequel, but of course if it did appear, it would likely speed by in a split-second and barely register on the audience’s brain like most of the Easter eggs in Ready Player One. Though Spielberg’s film did ultimately do well with audiences, many complained about the incredibly busy action sequences and just the sheer volume of references the movie churned through, almost as if Spielberg were trying to comment on the way mass produced pop culture furiously (and somewhat mindlessly) raids its own past for ideas as the demand grows for more and more content.

It remains to be seen if Ready Player Two ever actually happens, but certainly the original story sets up many possible sequel ideas, and the first movie’s box office indicates that there is audience demand. That being said, it’s fair to ask if the world of Ready Player One is really interesting enough to warrant a revisit. It’s also hard to imagine what references a sequel could possibly come up with that weren’t already used in the first movie. Making a bigger and more action-packed movie than Ready Player One would actually be very hard and might result in something that would break people’s brains entirely.

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