Regal Cinemas is preparing to launch its own subscription service that will give theater-goers unlimited tickets for the cost of membership.

According to a new report from Deadline, Regal Cinemas is preparing to announce a new unlimited movie ticket subscription service that will launch at the end of the month. It will be divided into three tiers of $18, $21, and $24, but there is speculation that the entire year will be charged in advance to make the actual costs $216, $252, and $288, respectively. 

The latter tier will include all Regal locations around the country, including the major theaters in places like New York and Los Angeles. The lower tier will cover some of the smaller, less visited locations. If you choose a lower tier but want to see a movie at a higher-ranked theater, you’ll simply pay a surcharge of a couple of dollars.

The reports suggests that there’s a good chance this service won’t be a monthly affair like AMC’s. You will probably have to pay for an entire year upfront, as opposed to just signing up for one month at a time. This assures moviegoers will commit to the entire year, rather than jumping in for the busy months of summer and awards season. It’s not clear at this time if the service will include premium formats, such as 3D, Dobly, IMAX, and others.

Like AMC, the Regal service will offer a 10% discount on concessions, making the movie-going experience even a little bit more cheaper for subscribers.

From television and films to music to games, there’s no question that the world of entertainment is becoming increasingly based on subscription. When Regal Cinemas launches Regal Unlimited this summer, it will undoubtedly find an audience.

Source: ComicBook

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