Peter Weller in RoboCop
Peter Weller in RoboCop

Director Neill Blomkamp has offered fans an update regarding Robocop Returns, promising the return of the iconic, original suit.

A fan sent a question to the director on Twitter, looking for an update regarding RoboCop Returns, to which Blomkamp offered a small update that should make fans of the original film excited. “Script is being written. Going well,” he responded. “Imagine watching Verhoeven do a follow up film.” Verhoeven, of course, refers to Paul Verhoeven — the director of the original 1987 film, RoboCop.

In a follow-up to that particular comment, a second fan inquired as to whether that meant the original suit would be back in place. Blomkamp insisted that it indeed would be, one million percent. Check out both tweets below:

While little is currently known regarding RoboCop Returns, there is speculation the new film will be rated-R, and will take place a year after the first film. Blomkamp has previously teased that he’d love to see Peter Weller, who portrayed the titular character in RoboCop, return for RoboCop Returns. However, it has since been reported that the actor isn’t interested in returning for the new installment.

RoboCop Returns does not have a cast or a production start date, nor does it have an official release date yet.

Source: CBR

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