Rumor has it that the Spirit of Vengeance is gearing up to make an entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Word on the street suggests that a Ghost Rider project is currently in the early stages of development, with Marvel Studios aiming to cast a top-tier actor for the lead role.

Ghost Rider has always held a certain allure for Marvel Studios, evident in the character’s two standalone movies and a prominent story arc in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Given the MCU’s growing interest in supernatural themes, it seems fitting for Ghost Rider to finally get the spotlight in his own film. Sources, including the reputable scooper MyTimeToShineHello, indicate that Marvel is eyeing an A-List talent to star alongside Sacha Baron Cohen, who’s rumored to portray Mephisto in Ironheart.

This speculation ties in with earlier buzz about Ryan Gosling’s potential involvement with Marvel. Gosling had previously expressed enthusiasm for the role of Ghost Rider as far back as 2022, and discussions with Marvel have reportedly taken place. However, Gosling might not be the sole contender to don the flaming skull, as there’s buzz about Marvel wanting Nicolas Cage to reprise his role for Avengers: Secret Wars.

The Future of the Avengers Franchise

Avengers 5 marks the beginning of a climactic two-part conclusion to Marvel’s Multiverse Saga, with Avengers: Secret Wars following suit to cap off Phase 6 of Marvel Studios’ grand narrative. Although Destin Daniel Cretton recently stepped down from directing Avengers 5, his departure signifies a shift in his directorial priorities toward projects like Wonder Woman and Shang-Chi 2, rather than a complete break from Marvel.

As for Avengers: Secret Wars, the crossover event promises to unite characters from across the Marvel multiverse, making Iron Man’s expertise and leadership indispensable to the Avengers once again. While Michael Waldron is onboard as the writer, the director for this highly anticipated Marvel Studios film is yet to be announced.