A new rumor says that Sony is trying to get Tom Hardy’s iteration of Venom in in the third Marvel Studios-produced Spider-Man film, disputing a report from days ago that claimed Disney-owned Marvel was considering introducing Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool in Spider-Man 3.

The rumor comes from Roger Wardell on Twitter, who wrote, “There are no plans to add Deadpool in an MCU Spider-Man 3, but Sony desperately wants Tom Hardy’s Venom in this movie. Deadpool had his own movies but never showed up in the main X-Men films, it will be the same for the MCU.”

Although this rumor remains unconfirmed, Wardell has a shockingly strong track record, as evidenced by his tweets predicting a number of key plot points for Avengers: Endgame days before the first trailer debuted.

The May 24 rumor from MCU Cosmic claimed Marvel was mulling over multiple options to introduce the Merc with a Mouth: a third Reynolds-led solo movie, a live-action series on Disney+, or involvement in the Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel, which pairs Holland’s wall-crawler with veteran super-spy Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) played support in its predecessor, 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

At this time, it’s not totally clear how Marvel Studios will integrate Deadpool following his acquisition from 21st Century Fox.

Source: CBR

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