Ryan Reynolds Deadpool vs Green Lantern
Ryan Reynolds Deadpool vs Green Lantern

It’s Reynolds versus Reynolds as BossLogic has revealed a colorful poster of Deadpool taking on Green Lantern.

Although with Deadpool being a Marvel property and Green Lantern a DC creation means the pair will probably not cross paths on the silver screen, that hasn’t stopped BossLogic from drawing an imaginative piece of Ryan Reynold’s characters taking each other on. Posting on Twitter, the famed fan artist wrote, “Deadpool Vs Green Lantern / Red suit V Green suit, who you got? This one should be fun!” The post is part of BossLogic’s “Multiversus” series and imagines an alternate reality where Deadpool and Green Lantern could lock horns. It has caused plenty of debate in the comments on who would win the fight.

While Ryan Reynolds is best-known for playing Wade Wilson in the Deadpool movies, it’s no secret that he’s released some critically panned movies over the years. Among them, Reynolds is often ridiculed for his Deadpool debut in Gavin Hood’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine and as Hal Jordan in Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern.

Reynolds had a stroke of luck when it came to Deadpool thanks to Tim Miller’s 2016 reboot. Even though the version of the character portrayed in Hood’s 2009 movie was different from the Deadpool of the comics, it clearly struck a chord with Reynolds. Deadpool reimagined Wilson closer to the smart-talking Merc With a Mouth everyone loves, and went on to be a record-breaking success that lead to the equally successful Deadpool 2. With Reynolds signed on for Deadpool 3, the gamble of giving Reynolds another shot was one that paid off.

The story of Green Lantern isn’t quite the same. Reynolds was quite vocal about his dissatisfaction with the 2011 movie. Although there were plans for Green Lantern 2, Warner Bros.’ quickly scrapped them due to the first film’s critical and box office bombing. The studio has powered ahead with plenty of other DC movies since then, and while there have been long-held rumors of a Green Lantern reboot, nothing has come to pass. Even Justice League skimmed over the idea of the Lanterns and confined them to a cameo.

Despite the lackluster legacy of X-Men Origins and Green Lantern, Reynolds isn’t afraid to poke fun at either performance, with the post-credits of David Leitch’s Deadpool 2 riffed both movies. Wade Wilson used Cable’s time travel device to head back and kill Origins‘ Deadpool — utilizing archive footage of Hugh Jackman — and also shot a meta version of Reynolds before he could read the Green Lantern script. Even all these years later, BossLogic, Reynolds and fans can look back and laugh at two career missteps the Hollywood A-lister has thankfully recovered from.

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