In honor of 1981’s Evil Dead — the first film in director Sam Raimi’s now-iconic horror franchise — getting the 4k Blu-ray treatment, Grindhouse Releasing is bringing the film back to theaters for limited engagements, which will include a new score from original composer Joe LoDuca. 

Bob Murawski, owner of Grindhouse Releasing — a distribution company that specializes in exploitation cinema — has collaborated with director Raimi to restore the film from its 1981 16mm film negatives. LoDuca — the original composer — has also created a new score, while Marti Humphrey and Jussi Tegelman (known for their work on Drag Me To Hell and Ash Vs. The Evil Dead) have produced a 5.1 surround sound mix.

“Mixing the sound for Evil Dead in the early ’80s, we were forced to shove everything into one monaural box,” Campbell shared in a statement. “As a result, Joe LoDuca’s great score had to compete unfairly with Kandarian Demons, gore sound effects, and lots of screaming. With this new release, Joe can finally have his dynamic composition mixed, balanced and featured properly – for perhaps the first time ever!”

“With this fantastic new score, Joe LoDuca proves that he’s the Bartok of blood, the Shostakovich of shock, the Mahler of the macabre.” Murawski said. ”The new music, new sound mix and new 4K restoration have elevated Evil Dead from the scary to the sublime.”

This version of the film is under limited release. In order to book a showing, contact theatrical sales director David Szulkin at