Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury
Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury

A couple of Spider-Man: Far From Home banners feature Nick Fury blind in both eyes. Fury’s actor Samuel L. Jackson has learned about the mistake and is quite irritated by it.

Jackson, who has played Fury for over a decade, shared a picture of two Far From Home posters on his Instagram account. The other depicts Nick Fury with his eyepatch on his left eye, but on the other poster the eyepatch is suddenly on his right eye, something that caused the star to respond as you might expect.

At first glance, both look fine, until further inspection – one banner has Fury’s iconic eye patch on his left eye, while the other, on his right. Like many fans, the actor was confused by this, reminding everyone that it’s the left eye the character has lost. Fans in the comment section found this hilarious, some of them pointing out that the artist behind the wrong banner simply mirrored the image and missed the wrong detail. 

In the comics, Nick Fury got his iconic eyepatch after getting hit by a grenade shrapnel while saving his troops in World War II, but his Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart was wounded in a very different way. Fury’s past was kept a mystery for a long time in the MCU, until Captain Marvel revealed the origin of his wound. Fury’s eye was scratched by Goose the cat, who turned out to be a member of the powerful alien species Flerken.

Spider-Man: Far From Home premieres on July 2nd.

Source: CBR

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