Bucky Barnes Captain America
Bucky Barnes Captain America

Sebastian Stan said that it doesn’t make sense for Bucky to be the MCU’s next Captain America. When The Falcon and The Winter Soldier rolls around in a few years, the Disney+ series will feature an all-new Captain America in the form of Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson. You know the situation by now — Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) ended up choosing Wilson over life-long friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) to be the new carrier of the red, white, and blue shield, a choice Stan thinks was out of necessity.

Speaking with Yahoo alongside Mackie at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Stan made a solid case why Falcon deserves to be Captain America over his own character. He said:

“It makes no sense for him to… Why would you give it to the guy that’s been trying to have a whole new history outside of the thing he’s been trapped by? I remember I found out [about Falcon getting the shield] the day we were shooting. I was like ‘Oh wow, this is the deal.’ But it makes sense. He’s [Sam Wilson] has been his [Captain America’s] right-hand for a long time at this point.”

It should be noted that at some point throughout the magic of Marvel comics, both Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes have worn the Captain America mantle. Sam Wilson did it most recently, however, just reverting back to his original Falcon guise within the past year and a half.

In terms of power, Bucky is more fitting to take on the role of the MCU’s Captain America, especially with Sam not having any special physical abilities. But the hero’s powers aren’t exactly what Captain America is best known for. Instead, he’s famous for his leadership and unshakeable belief in the good of people, and over the years, Sam has proven himself to have the same core principles as Steve.

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