Frank Costanza as Darth Vader
Frank Costanza as Darth Vader

Seinfeld was filled with a variety of memorable characters, with Jerry Stiller’s Frank Costanza one of the many highlights. Stiller’s performance as George Costanza’s father will always be remembered for the manner in which he delivered his lines. Often ending up ranting at the top of his voice, Frank’s hilarious line delivery has now been put behind the intimidating mask of Star Wars’ Darth Vader, and the results are…quite bizarre.

Featuring an assortment of the iconic villain’s best moments from Star Wars: A New Hope, the clip comes in in just under a minute, but that minute is all you need to get a feel of the results of this particular mash-up.

We begin just as Darth Vader boards the Rebel ship containing Princess Leia as Rebel soldiers lay dead on the ground. “I don’t think it’s so bad,” Frank says. “People should wear nametags. Everyone would be a lot friendlier.” Just as Vader looks down at the dead men on the floor, Frank quips, “Hello, Sam! How ya doing, Joe?”

Next, Darth Vader questions Princess Leia on the legitimacy of there being no more condos available in a Florida community he can’t pronounce, to which Leia replies, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Finally, Frank Costanza (as Darth Vader) ends with a diatribe about moving to Florida while Force-choking a subordinate. Just as he releases his grip he screams, “Serenity now!”

Viacom has acquired the exclusive cable rights for all 180 episodes of Seinfeld from Sony Pictures Television. The network will begin airing all seasons of the show starting October 2021 via its entertainment cable networks, which include Comedy Central, Paramount Network and TV Land.

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