Black Adam Dwayne Johnson
Black Adam Dwayne Johnson

A deleted scene from Shazam! has emerged online and may have hinted at Black Adam’s impending arrival.

With the latest DC Extended Universe film being released on home video this week, a new deleted scene shows the victorious Shazam leading the rest of his family to the Rock of Eternity to take their seats on the ancient thrones. As the foster family observes their surroundings, Billy Batson’s older sister Mary notices a seventh, unoccupied throne off to the side wondering who it belongs to.

Black Adam has long been confirmed as being played by Dwayne Johnson, and, when talking about the character, as well as likening his powers to Superman, the actor often refers to him as an antihero rather than an outright villain. That may just be regarding his solo outing, however. The mystery of the empty throne certain has an air of ominous foreboding about it, implying that, while Shazam 2 could make him a hero, the owner of the throne will not have the best of intentions.

Shazam! is scheduled to be released on digital HD on July 2 and Blu-ray and 4K UHD on July 16.

Source: ScreenRant