Shazam and Black Adam
Shazam and Black Adam

Shazam! star Zachary Levi is hoping for some epic fights with Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. An ancient warrior possessing ancient powers, Black Adam has a long history with Shazam in the pages of DC Comics. The two characters share nearly the same powers, with Black Adam serving as a symbol of corruption and Shazam representing a sense of hope and justice. Before turning to evil, and being banished across the cosmos, Black Adam was even granted the powers which ultimately went to a young Billy Baston.

Shazam and Black Adam have yet to cross paths on the big screen, but Black Adam does have a presence in the 2019 comic book adaptation directed by David F. Sandberg. In the film’s opening minutes, as Thaddeus Sivana meets The Wizard, a previously chosen champion is mentioned. Meant to serve as a cautionary tale that went unheeded by Sivana, the champion succumbed to his desire for vengeance and was ultimately responsible for the release of the Seven Deadly Sins. The champion is unnamed, though the similarities with Black Adam are hard to miss. A deleted scene, which surfaced online, also appears to tease Johnson’s arrival in the world of Shazam! more directly.

Levi has said in the past that he doesn’t expect Shazam and Black Adam to share a scene for a good while. However, the actor is certainly excited for the showdown. Levi elaborated on his sentiments during a livestream on his Instagram page. Levi repeated that he won’t appear in Black Adam, and that he’s focused on Shazam 2. But, after finishing up with their solo outings, he expressed excitement about the possibility of a showdown. “Maybe we’ll get to pay off all of those Captain Marvel/Black Adam epic fights and storylines from the comic books,” he said.

Levi hasn’t been shy about standing up for the abilities of the iconic superhero he portrays. In other recent comments, the Chuck lead was completely confident in his assertion that Shazam would trounce Thor with ease. Imagining who would win in a battle of heroes is a fun pastime for many comic book loyalists. Still, in the case of a potential matchup between Shazam and Black Adam, there’s decades worth of history to back up the fanart and excited speculation.

All of the speculation, and Levi’s hopes of sharing a movie with Johnson, will likely pay off. The first Shazam! was a success, praised for its heartfelt humor and for bringing a light touch to the often somber DCEU with the performances of Levi, Asher Angel, and Jack Dylan Grazer. The second installment of Shazam! was set to begin shooting this summer, around the same time as Black Adam. That has since been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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