Sinister Six Movie
Sinister Six Movie

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man may still yet cross paths with the Sinister Six based on a recent hint by one of the franchise’s producers.

On the Spider-Man: Far From Home Blu-Ray special features, producer Amy Pascal mentions how the universe building already done may be part of the build-up to Sinister Six. She says, “All of these villains that we now have in our universe happen to be characters that are in the Sinister Six. There may be something that happens with that.” In the comics, only Vulture and Mysterio are founding members of the team, but Shocker and Scorpion have been on various iterations.

At one point, Sony had commissioned a Sinister Six script from former Daredevil bossman Drew Goddard, one in which the studio was reportedly very impressed with.

As recently as December, Pascal confirmed she was still on board with producing the movie as soon as Goddard was available to sign on board and direct. “I’m just waiting for Drew to be ready to direct it,” Pascal told Vanity Fair. “I would do anything with Drew Goddard. I’m just waiting for him to tell me he wants to.”

In Homecoming, fans were introduced to Vulture (Michael Keaton), Shocker (Bokeem Woodbine), Tinkerer (Michael Chernus), and Scorpion (Michael Mando). Then, of course, Gyllenhall’s Mysterio would make it five total villains, though many fans might suggest Tinkerer is too small of a villain to include in the iconic villain team-up. If that’s the case, some other major Spidey villains that have yet to appear in the MCU include Doc Ock, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, Electro, and the real Sandman amongst others should Marvel and Sony to choose to use any of them.

If the Sinister Six are on the way, it’s not clear when they’ll form. It’s possible that it could happen as soon as Spider-Man 3, while Marvel and Sony may also wait to see if it could be done in a later film – should the current deal be extended again. If not, then Sony could look to use it as an event moment in their own shared universe. In either case, whether or not Goddard’s Sinister Six film factors into these plans is unknown. This tease from Pascal though does hint that some rough plan might be in place, so hopefully we’ll learn sooner than later what future (if any) the Sinister Six have.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is now available digitally and on physical home media wherever movies are sold. Spider-Man 3 is currently scheduled for release July 16, 2021.

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