A new LEGO figure has revealed another look at Jake Gyllenhaal in his Mysterio fishbowl helmet From Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The Instagram account nino_leaks_, known for posting leaked photos of LEGO sets and minifigures, dropped a photo of the Mysterio minifigure as featured in Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel.


The fishbowl look is only visible in the Far From Home trailer in a quick shot, with the clearest shot of Mysterio showing Gyllenhaal is a bowl-less look.

Typically a solid green quilted bodysuit in the comics, the Mysterio suit for Far From Home features additional torso and leg plating that breaks up the green. The figure also contains many other notable LEGO features, such as the now trademark two-hole LEGO cape design.

While this is the first minifigure of Mysterio, it’s not his first LEGO appearance. A digital Mysterio minifigure was designed for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, based on the character’s original costume. A physical version of this minifigure has yet to be produced.

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