Star Wars Mission Impossible Theme
Star Wars Mission Impossible Theme

A talented fan has created a gorgeous movie intro for Star Wars: A New Hope while drawing inspiration from Mission: Impossible. The Star Wars franchise has developed into arguably one of the most recognizable film series today; the original trilogy in particular has been praised for its vivid storytelling and lovable, charismatic characters.

Yet despite the sequels and prequels that followed, Stars Wars: A New Hope arguably still remains the crown jewel of an extraordinary franchise. The first film centers around Luke Skywalker’s journey as he discovers a plea of help from Leia Organa. After passing along the message to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke accompanies him to find Leia, where he eventually meets both Han Solo and Chewbacca. Throughout A New Hope, Luke finds himself in a number of action-packed scenes, chief among which is his final attack on the Death Star alongside the Rebel squadron.

Reddit user likeonions has cut together an incredible Star Wars: A New Hope intro, which is intertwined with elements of Mission: Impossible. The video features Mission: Impossible’s fast-paced theme song throughout, as well as the quick, stylistic camera cuts reminiscent of a Mission: Impossible opening credits sequence. In the trailer, likeonions highlights key characters such as Luke, Leia, Han, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, with fan favorites such as C-3PO making an appearance as well. You can check out likeonions’ amazing work below:

In addition to introducing certain Star Wars characters, likeonions features several scenes from the film in the video as well. From the iconic jump into hyperspace to Luke’s fight with the Rebel squadron, likeonions has managed to capture the essence of A New Hope in merely 52 seconds. That being said, there are plenty of scenes in A New Hope that didn’t make the cut, with standout ones including Obi-Wan’s lightsaber duel against Darth Vader. Still, the intense Mission: Impossible music and perfectly timed scene changes make for an impressive video, even for the most die-hard Star Wars fans.

Although the recent Star Wars sequel trilogy had the powerful backing of Disney, fans still criticized the three films for failing to develop certain character arcs, as well as for the uneven pacing. That being said, the sequel trilogy wasn’t particularly bad – perhaps it’s just hard to follow up something that’s already been deemed by so many as the perfect film. As such, while Star Wars: A New Hope came out over 40 years ago, that hasn’t stopped it from capturing the imaginations of millions across the world, with likeonions’ stunning creation as just one example.

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