Star Wars 9 Kylo Ren Empire Magazine Cover
Star Wars 9 Kylo Ren Empire Magazine Cover

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker gets a trio of new Empire magazine covers, teasing Rey and Kylo Ren’s epic final showdown.

All of the covers are graced with Rey and Kylo Ren, reminding readers that, despite featuring appearances from legacy characters, this upcoming installment is all about the new hero and villain that were introduced back in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If the intensity of the covers is any clue, the upcoming film will surely feature a showdown for the ages. Grab your copy of Empire when it hits shelves on October 3rd.

Once again, Kylo Ren is seen wearing his repaired helmet, held together by red bonding material. This look has been very prevalent on marketing materials so far, as it’s featured on new toy packaging and on the latest cover of Star Wars Insider. Since it was a major turn of events when Kylo decided to destroy the mask early on in The Last Jedi, it will be interesting to see what compels Kylo to rebuild it, and how often it’s seen in The Rise of Skywalker. Hopefully, J.J. Abrams has his organic reasons for bringing the helmet back, and it’s not just a cheap gimmick to create new merchandising opportunities. As for Rey, there isn’t anything groundbreaking about her appearance here, but it’s still exciting to see these two characters together, representing the eternal struggle between light and dark in Star Wars.

Grab your copies of Empire on October 3rd. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker lands in theaters on December 20th.

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