John Cena as Captain Falcon
John Cena as Captain Falcon

An artist has cast John Cena as Captain Falcon, the racer bounty hunter from the Super Smash Bros. universe. Although historically Nintendo franchises have been nearly nonexistent in Hollywood, that has begun to change in recent time. Detective Pikachu brought the Pokémon world to life last year. In 2022, Illumination is planning to release its animated Super Mario Bros. movie.

Captain Falcon debuted in the F-Zero series. F-Zero began on the SNES, actually predating Super Mario Kart as Nintendo’s premiere racing franchise. F-Zero is a racer set to a futuristic backdrop. The vehicles are no ordinary cars, but rather hovercars that can move at incredibly fast speeds. Those who grew up in the 2000s have fond (and aggravating) memories of F-Zero GX on GameCube, which features perhaps the hardest final boss in Nintendo’s history. Sadly, F-Zero hasn’t received a new installment in over 15 years. However, Captain Falcon has continually represented the series in every Super Smash Bros. iteration. With his iconic Falcon Punch, memorable taunts and fast gameplay, Captain Falcon will always remain one of the most popular characters in the fighting game series. Should Hollywood ever make Super Smash Bros. into a movie, it’s hard to see Captain Falcon not being included.

Artist Jackson Caspersz is at it again with his renditions of Super Smash Bros. characters. Previously, Caspersz did a piece casting Joe Manganiello as Mario. The artist has also done pieces for Link from The Legend of Zelda and Luigi from Super Mario Bros. Now, Caspersz has brought Captain Falcon into the fold, casting WWE legend John Cena in the role. Check out the artwork below.

After playing F-Zero GX, one can see Cena portraying the heroic, gruff character. Plus, the actor is already appearing in Fast & Furious 9, another famous franchise with cars. Although it’s the stuff of imagination, it would certainly be very interesting seeing Cena as Captain Falcon interact with Manganiello as Mario.

Although the last racing movie based on a video game, Need for Speed, was received poorly, an F-Zero adaptation could be a different story. The setting, vehicles and characters would make it a very unique adventure. Captain Falcon even has a clone, Blood Falcon. Simply put, there is a lot that can be done with F-Zero. Hopefully one day Nintendo and Hollywood will work together on such a movie. In the meantime, Captain Falcon can be found Falcon-punching opponents currently in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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