Batman from Superman Red Son
Batman from Superman Red Son

The first image has been released of the Russian Batman who will appear in the animated movie Superman: Red Son.

The image was revealed during an episode of DC Daily in which the animated movie, Batman & Mr Freeze: Subzero was primarily discussed. The episode also features an interview with Roger Craig Smith, who voiced the Dark Knight in the Arkham Origins video games, the English dub of Batman Ninja, the Batman Unlimited series of animated movies, and will reprise the role in Red Son. He described this latest experience as one of his favorite times performing as the character and confirmed he would be speaking in a Russian accent.

Red Son‘s version of Bruce Wayne saw his parents killed in a hail of gunfire from Stalin’s police force. The young man swears revenge on the people responsible and dons the mask of Batmankoff. The distinct mask with an ushanka (that’s what they call those very cool Russian hats) up top is the most noticeable change in Batman from a visual perspective. There is so much more about this story that gets turned upside down though.

Even when adapting specific comics, the animated DC movies aren’t direct translations of the stories and characters, but the spirit of them generally remains despite any changes made. The Batman of Superman: Red Son is largely similar to his standard counterpart, but while the mainstream Batman battles crime due to the senselessness of his parents’ deaths, this one is focused against the system that saw them murdered for expressing dissent. As such, this Batman is far more ruthless in his never-ending war, making him just as much of a reflection of the dark world that birthed him.

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