Taron Egerton as Wolverine
Taron Egerton as Boss Logics Wolverine

Kingsman star Taron Egerton becomes the X-Men’s Wolverine in new fan art from BossLogic. Ever since Hugh Jackman took his bow in Logan and the X-Men franchise was taken over by Marvel Studios, fans have had many questions about what the future holds for the Best There Is At What He Does. And while it’s a tall order to take on the character that Jackman made his own, many fans have campaigned to see Egerton become the next Wolverine.

A rumor recently circulated that Egerton was set to take on the role, but Egerton himself came out to shoot down the report. Egerton’s debunking of the Wolverine rumor didn’t stop fan artist BossLogic from coming up with his own image of what the Kingsman star might look like as Logan. See BossLogic’s art in the space below.

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It’s not clear just what Marvel Studios has planned for the X-Men, though producer Kevin Feige did tease the property is in development for future projects. They will miss out on Phase 4, however, and will not be seen at least until the year 2022.

Hopefully, Marvel reveals their plans for the X-Men and Wolverine in the near future.

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