The Batman Batmobile Concept Art
The Batman Batmobile Concept Art

Fans of The Batman now have a better idea of what the movie’s Batmobile looked like early on, thanks to new photos of a model for the car. The Batman will feature Robert Pattinson as the titular hero, taking on the role of Bruce Wayne for the first time. The film will be directed and co-written by Matt Reeves, with many cast members excited about the script. In addition to Pattinson, The Batman will feature several big names in Hollywood, including Colin Farrell, Paul Dano, and Zoë Kravitz. All three will star as classic Batman villains, while Jeffrey Wright plays James Gordon, the Gotham City Police commissioner.

The Batmobile has been a topic of much conversation since The Batman was first announced. Even before Reeves’ provided a first look at the car in March, fans were speculating about what Pattinson’s version of the Batmobile would like look. Many have compared it to a muscle car, including Wright. Some also feel the car’s relatively simple style – at least compared to Batmobiles of the past – suggests Pattinson’s Batman won’t be quite as drawn to the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, the first images of the Batmobile were fairly dark, making it difficult to spot specific elements.

However, that’s changed now that pictures of a Batmobile model show a detailed look at an early design for the car. According to Twitter user TheBatRobert, the images were originally posted on Jeff Frost‘s website, but appear to have been taken down since. Frost is a model maker and sculptor who has worked on a number of high-profile projects, including fellow DC Extended Universe movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Check out the photos below:

Comparing the Batmobile model photos to the final product, it looks like a lot of elements from earlier in the design process remained. For example, the back of it has similar lights, though the one that will be in the movie has a slightly different shape. Another change is the hood of the car. In the model, there are orange lights on either side, but they’re gone in the Batmobile photos Reeves shared. All told, the final version of the Batmobile is more subdued than the one seen in the model photos.

It’s fascinating to get a look at the design process, especially for something as important as the Batmobile. One issue with taking on such an iconic character – and his iconic toys – is that fans have high expectations. There’s also pressure to try something fresh, while also staying true to the spirit of the character. Hopefully, this look at an early design model of The Batman‘s Batmobile makes fans even more excited to see the final version on screen.

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