The Riddler Fan Art
The Riddler Fan Art

The most brutal murder from The Batman trailer has been recreated in a new piece of fan art. Matt Reeves shared the first teaser for his Batman adaptation during DC FanDome. It began with the sound of duct tape as the Warner Bros. And DC logos appeared on screen. We were then shown a masked man and his unfortunate victim; “No More Lies” written on the tape wrapped around the victim’s head. By the time Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon finishes reading the murderer’s note, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Robert Pattinson’s Batman is going to have his hands full with Paul Dano’s Riddler.

According to Reeves, Dano’s Riddler is going to be unlike anything anyone has seen before. His version of the character, whose name is Edward Nashton (rather than Nygma), will challenge Batman’s skills as a crime fighter and detective. Inspired by Batman: Year Two, the film will follow Bruce Wayne’s second year as the caped crusader; exploring the evolution of a young Batman, members of his iconic Rogues Gallery like Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) and Penguin (Colin Farrell), Carmine Falcone (John Turturro) and Gotham City. Rather than focus on multiple antagonists, The Batman is poised to position the Riddler as a master manipulator. This noir take on the vigilante’s world should be one of the most brutal Batman films yet.

Artist Phase Runner recently shared a picture of The Batman teaser’s opening and most brutal kill. This new piece of fan art that sees Dano’s Riddler standing behind the leather chair the seats his victim (as seen in the trailer). Check it out below.

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding who the Riddler’s victim is and where he is found. When Reeves announced the official start of filming on The Batman, he posted a picture of a clapperboard and leather chair. A month later, an image leaked of a brutally murdered individual sitting in that same chair. Many speculated the chair sits in Wayne Manor; implying that the Riddler knows Batman’s secret identity. After seeing a suited-up Batman visiting the crime scene at the beginning of the trailer, it’s safe to assume that murder does not take place in Bruce’s home. Additional footage from the trailer—including wall hangings, a press conference, and funeral—has to lead to the belief that the victim is Gotham City’s mayor, Don Mitchell Jr.

The Riddler ties a string of murders and corruption to the Dark Knight (via notes/riddles). At the end of The Batman teaser, the villain’s voice can be heard telling Bruce that he’s “a part of this too.” This not only suggests the Riddler does know Batman’s true identity but that the Wayne family is somehow tied to Gotham’s corruption. In the comics, Edward Nygma’s love for riddles extends to the biggest mystery of them all: who is Batman? If Edward Nashton already knows the answer to that question, then his “game” is to deconstruct Bruce’s identity—which has always correlated with Gotham. That said, the brutal murder of Gotham’s mayor could be seen as a catalyst for Reeves’ entire franchise.

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