Paul Dano The Riddler
Paul Dano The Riddler The Batman Movie

Matt Reeves’ The Batman has cast 12 Years a Slave star Paul Dano as The Riddler.

According to THR, Dano has joined the cast of The Batman to play The Riddler. This will be something of a departure for the actor, since he primarily has starred in smaller films like Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood, and Prisoners. He’s largely stayed away from blockbuster genre fare in his career, though he did have a role in 2011’s Cowboys and Aliens.

Plot details and casting for the film remain under wraps at this time, but Pattinson’s Tenet co-star John David Washington is rumored to be up for the role of Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face. There are reports The Batman will be set in the ’90s, though those are unconfirmed at this time.

Created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, Edward Nygma/Riddler first appeared in 1948’s Detective Comics #140. The genius criminal is one of Batman’s most recognizable rogues. The Riddler has been brought to life many times on both the big and small screen. On film, Jim Carrey played him in 1995’s Batman Forever. On TV, Frank Gorshin, John Astin and Cory Michael Smith have all played the character in live-action.

The Batman is directed by Matt Reeves, who will also produce alongside Dylan Clark. Casting is still underway, with the film scheduled to be released on June 25, 2021.

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