DC’s The Batman movie director Matt Reeves unveils the new Batmobile in first look images from the set of the upcoming film. After Ben Affleck exited the Batman solo movie as part of Warner Bros’ Worlds of DC franchise, Reeves took over the project and cast Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne aka Batman. With a planned 2021 release date, The Batman started filming this year and plenty has been revealed from the set of the superhero movie.

Reeves revealed a first look at Pattinson’s Batman costume through a video he released just as production was ramping up. The video was a moody, red-toned piece that offered fans a good look at Pattinson’s cowl and the upper part of the Batman suit. Later, set photos of Pattinson’s stunt double revealed a better look at the full costume, though it was likely a stunt version of the suit. Those set photos also offered a first look at The Batman’s Batcycle. Now another key Bat-vehicle is officially revealed in new official photos.

On Twitter, Reeves posted three photos of Pattinson in full Batman costume standing next to his version of the Batmobile. Check out the photos and Reeves’ tweet below.

There’s an undeniably retro feel to Reeves’ Batmobile, with the basic structure making it look like a modified muscle car. The glowing red taillights tie in with the video of Pattinson’s costume reveal, giving the whole Batman movie production a moody feel that may carry over into the film itself. While the exact features of Pattinson’s Batmobile aren’t necessarily apparent in these photos, the fact that Reeves revealed the vehicle now indicates there may be some public filming in the coming days that could offer further insight into how the car will be used. In addition to the Batmobile itself, these photos also give fans a better look at Pattinson’s full costume, including his Batsuit’s cape, which has previously been absent in set photos and the costume reveal.

As production on The Batman continues, fans can expect more to be revealed about the upcoming DC Comics movie, whether via official channels like Reeves’ Twitter or unofficial set photos. Though Batman set photos revealed Catwoman in street clothes alongside Bruce Wayne, we still haven’t gotten very good looks at the various villains set to appear in the film. Fans are no doubt curious to see what Colin Farrell’s Penguin and Paul Dano’s Riddler look like. Hopefully it won’t be too long before even more first looks at The Batman characters, Bruce Wayne’s allies and the superhero’s gadgets are revealed either in official photos or set images.

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