Matthew McConaughey as Two Face
Matthew McConaughey as Two Face

New fan art shows that Matthew McConaughey would be a perfect Two-Face in a sequel to The Batman. The history of Two-Face dates back to August 1942 when he first appeared in Detective Comics. As created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the character was permanently scarred by acidic chemicals on the left side of his face. This experience drove him to insanity, turning him from a district attorney into a criminal. Although some canonical details have changed over the many decades since his debut, and although a few others have taken up the mantle and makeup of Two-Face, the character is most closely linked to Harvey Dent.

Two-Face has been adapted regularly for other mediums, appearing in live-action and animated series as well as big blockbusters. The likes of William Shatner, Billy Dee Williams, Tommy Lee Jones, Aaron Eckhart, and Nicholas D’Agosto have all had their turn to portray Two-Face. However, unlike The Joker or Harley Quinn, there arguably hasn’t been a definitive performance of the twisted madman. Matthew McConaughey could bring his talents to Two-Face though, as new fan art suggests.

The fan art by AwedopeArt showcases what the Oscar winner could look like as Two-Face in a potential Batman adaptation. The art is inspired, leaning into McConaughey’s public persona to make the case that the actor would be an ideal candidate to portray one of the Caped Crusader’s best-known villains. You check out the art, which includes the character’s trusty coin, below.

Beyond being visually impressive, the image highlights how fitting McConaughey would be as Two-Face. Prior to being disfigured, Two-Face was of course known as Harvey Dent. Nicknamed “Apollo” by the media due to the combination of his charm, good looks, and general demeanor, Dent was depicted in the comics as a likable and disarming district attorney. Those descriptors could just as easily apply to McConaughey himself, defining stretches of his career. For his unflappable cool and for his handsome features, McConaughey was chosen as the male lead in a string of romantic comedies. But in more recent years, McConaughey has become equally as recognized for memorably complex portrayals in Killer Joe, Dallas Buyers Club, and the first season of HBO’s True Detective. Overall, the actor’s diverse list of credits serves as proof that he could ably embody both Dent and his demented double.

Two-Face will have to wait before he makes his return to a feature film adaptation. The Batman is already slated to feature Catwoman, The Riddler, and Penguin, all vying for screen time with The Defender of Gotham. But, if the movie turns out to be successful, there’s a good chance a sequel will do the work of expanding the world that was already established in the first film by introducing more baddies. Given the long arc of Two-Face in the comics, and considering the character’s rich potential for drama, there’s a good chance he’ll be included in a second installment of The Batman.

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