Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

Henry Cavill’s Superman was spotted in a new trailer for The Flash. Watch below:

To the disappointment of many, Cavill’s Man of Steel is on the way out of the DCEU, with the actor set to be recast for James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy.

The DCU recast comes after the actor made his first new appearance as Superman in five years with his post-credits cameo in Black Adam, setting up a now-abandoned conflict to come with Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero.

Cavill was expected to have one more DC cameo this year, this time with his Superman appearing within The Flash‘s Speed Force. However, that moment, unfortunately, appears to have been left on the cutting room floor.

Henry Cavill’s Superman Returns in The Flash Cameo

The new Korean trailer for The Flash included several new snippets of footage from the upcoming blockbuster, with one notable scene showing off a cameo from Henry Cavill’s DCEU Superman.

The scene sees Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen waiting for a sandwich in a cafe before receiving a call from Jeremy Irons’ Alfred about a “robbery gone wrong” and another from Ben Affleck’s Batman to say, “I need you here now Barry.”

While this conversation happens, a television displays footage of Cavill’s Superman flying around a volcano and using his heat vision. The clip is displayed on a breaking news report as a “volcano erupts in Guatemala” and Superman seemingly assists in the incident.

Unfortunately, Cavill’s face cannot be seen in the cameo, but as the news report comes from the original DCEU universe where Affleck’s Batman and Irons’ Alfred are still in play, it’s clear this is this version of Superman.

With members of the Justice League including Affleck’s Batman, Miller’s Flash, and potentially Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman getting involved in this “robbery gone wrong,” this faceless cameo may have been shown to explain the absence of the Man of Steel in this team-up moment.