The Punisher and John Wick
The Punisher and John Wick

The Punisher hunts John Wick in a new piece of fan artwork. Over the years, both John Wick and the Punisher have managed to remain popular action heroes in pop culture. Keanu Reeves has been the star of three John Wick movies, all three of which have gotten incredible reviews. The Punisher has continued to get comic books ever since the ’70s and has been the focus in multiple movies and TV shows. Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane, and Ray Stevenson played the Punisher on the film side, while Jon Bernthal took on the role for Netflix’s Daredevil and The Punisher.

Frank Castle and John Wick may appear in different franchises, but the characters do share a lot of similarities. Both are known for being killing machines fueled by the murder of a loved one; in Castle’s case, the death of his wife and two children, and for Wick, the death of his dog that his wife gave him after she died. Both have a large arsenal of weapons to fight their opponents, who they usually takedown in brutal fight sequences. The characters are no doubt skilled fighters, but fans have often wondered who would win in a fight: John Wick or Frank Castle.

A new piece of fan art from BossLogic imagines what the beginning of a fight between John Wick and the Punisher could look like. The artwork shows the library scene from John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum, but instead of one of Wick’s fellow assassins, Frank Castle is doing the hunting. BossLogic’s full Instagram post can be seen below.

Bernthal had a successful run as the Punisher, but it, unfortunately, looks like he won’t be returning to the role. The Punisher was canceled last year after two critically acclaimed series, news that came the same day as Jessica Jones’ cancelation. However, with rumors that Charlie Cox’s Daredevil might join the MCU in Spider-Man 3, that leaves fans to wonder if the Punisher could be introduced at some point as well. Reeves on the other hand is confirmed to star in John Wick: Chapter 4 and might even eventually appear on the upcoming Starz TV series, The Continental. 

Frank Castle and John Wick were shown to be the most formidable fighters in their respective franchises, but it’s really a mystery as to who would win in a fight. There are fair arguments for both sides, but regardless of which side you are on, most can agree that it would be a fun fight to watch. Fans more than likely won’t ever see John Wick and the Punisher square off, but it’s fun to imagine who would come out on top none the less.

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