The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn
The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

Fan artwork of Harley Quinn from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad teases what her new costume will look like in action. Margot Robbie made her screen debut as Harley back in 2016’s Suicide Squad and was considered by many to be the best part of the film. She finally returned four years later in the DCEU spinoff Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), a movie that earned far better reviews than Suicide Squad, but struggled at the box office. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait as long to see Harley again, thanks to her role in Gunn’s upcoming sequel.

Set to arrive in August 2021, The Suicide Squad is well ahead of schedule and wrapped filming near the end of February. Robbie is joined in the cast by her Suicide Squad costars Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, and Joel Kinnaman, in addition to DCEU newcomers like Idris Elba, Nathan Fillion, Taika Waititi, and John Cena. Prior to the end of production, various photos and videos from The Suicide Squad set leaked online, offering a sneak peek at several cast members in their costumes. That includes Robbie, who’s donned a red-and-black colored look for the sequel that brings Harley’s New 52 comic book appearance to mind.

Since those set photos and videos are blurry at best, it’s impossible to properly judge Harley’s costume in The Suicide Squad from them. However, new fan art by digital artist Tiago Ribeiro/datrinti offers a better idea of what the outfit will look like in action. Take a look:

In addition to being far less male gaze-y than her Suicide Squad costume, Harley’s Birds of Prey outfits have been praised for how they reflect her zany and outlandish personality. That (arguably) holds true for her outfit in The Suicide Squad, which doubles as a nod to her iconic jester look that re-imagines it for Gunn’s sequel. Most of the characters in The Suicide Squad are obscure DC comic book villains or antiheroes like Polka-Dot Man and Ratcatcher, so the majority of people will have far stronger opinions about Harley’s costume than whatever the other Squad members end up wearing. Still, it will be interesting to see if Gunn takes any other steps to distinguish his movie from David Ayer’s Suicide Squad when it comes to not only the returning characters like Harley, but the general aesthetic of the DCEU.

With The Suicide Squad not arriving for another sixteen months, it’s probably going to be a while before Warner Bros. get the film’s marketing up and running. Assuming San Diego Comic-Con takes place as usual this summer and isn’t delayed because of the coronavirus outbreak, it’s possible the first actual footage and/or screenshots from the movie will be unveiled at the event. That includes the first official glimpse of Harley with her spear, black combat boots and red dress fighting alongside her fellow Suicide Squad members. In the meantime, this artwork serves as an exciting tease of what to expect from the final product.

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