Idris Elba Vigilante
Idris Elba Vigilante

Idris Elba is rumored to be playing Vigilante in The Suicide Squad.

According to FandomWire, Elba will be playing Vigilante in The Suicide Squad. According to their sources, Vigilante will meet up with the character Knight in prison and stumble upon King Shark, who is reading the book The Varieties of Religious Experience. In the comics, Vigilante is an attorney in New York and is often compared to Marvel’s Daredevil.

Idris Elba’s character’s real name is Adrian Chase, a Manhattan District Attorney, and their primary goal is dismantling and toppling the city’s mafia and they have even teamed up with groups such as the ‘New Teen Titans’, which could be an interesting gateway into future crossovers.

He is not too dissimilar to Marvel’s Punisher, as his wife, son and daughter were killed by the Scarapelli mob family, hence his vendetta. But, unlike the Punisher, he underwent mystical training, and as such, he has some superhuman abilities such as regeneration.

Elba could be playing Vigilante, but as of right now, nothing is confirmed. Elba has also been rumored to play Bronze Tiger, so there’s no telling just yet who exactly he will be playing. Regardless of his character, Elba will likely do well in the role. After all, the actor has played Heimdall in several of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, and his character was a fan favorite. Elba would likely be just as well received in the DCEU, regardless of who his character is in The Suicide Squad.

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